Komprehensibong Serbisyo is Taken to Bongato East

The Bayambang Local Government staged anew the 3rd segment of Team Quiambao-Sabangan’s outreach program dubbed “Komprehensibiong Serbisyo Para sa Bayan” last Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at the Bongato East Elementary School.

A total of 579 residents coming from the Barangays Bongato East and Bongato West benefited from the community-based LGU services program. Sticking true to the project’s promise of comprehensive coverage, the same suite of services were on offer: circumcision, excision, ultrasound, X-ray, immunization, prenatal and postnatal checkup, advice on responsible parenthood, laboratory test, health education for seniors and teens, tooth extraction, provision of dentures, dental hygiene lecture with toothbrushing drill, tooth fluoridization, senior citizen ID application, solo parent registration, person with disability registration, mother’s class, livelihood training, anti-rabies injection for cats and dogs, cattle vaccination, cattle castration, vegetable seed and seedling distribution, application for Late Registration of Birth, application for Community Service Card, tax declaration, real property tax assessment, application for business permit and licensing, and others.


The activity was in fulfillment of Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao and Vice Mayor Raul Sabangan’s electoral campaign promise to bring the LGU programs and services to the barangays that are only available at the center of the town.

No less than the local chief executive and the department heads and their staff personally facilitated the services. The aim is to make the beneficiaries more comfortable knowing that their leaders are there to assist them.

In his speech, Quiambao called on Bayambangueños for their patience and support. “Ito pa lang po ang ating umpisa,” referring to the unprecedented changes happening in the town. Quiambao is the brainchild behind the massive core road project, rehabilitation of the Public Market, beautification and landscaping of the Public Plaza, construction of tricycle and bus terminals, realignment of traffic flow to ease the congestion of public and private vehicles in Poblacion, rehabilitation of the state-of-the-art Municipal Events Center, establishment of the first-ever dialysis center (the Saint Vincent Dialysis Center) in Bayambang, among many other projects.

Quiambao also vowed to stamp out criminality and illegal activities that linger in the town. “We will construct multiple police community precincts located in strategic places in our town and equip our police officers down to our barangay police with proper tools and equipment,” Quiambao added. One related initiative early on in his administration is the installation of CCTVs around town as a crime deterrent strategy.

In an earlier pronouncement, Quiambao expressed a wish: “A tanging hiling ko lang sa ating mga kababayan kapalit ng mga pagbabagong ito ay tumbasan ang mga ito ng disiplina. Pumila, sumunod sa batas, iwasang magkalat…. Pag nakita ng mga investors na tayo ay nagkakaisa dito at may displina ang mga mamamayan ng Bayambang, sila mismo ang magpupuntahan dito upang mamuhunan.

Acknowledging the LGU’s effort, host Barangay Captain Rolando Manlongat thanked the Quiambao-Sabangan Administration for their untiring and dedicated commitment to public service, even as he encouraged his constituents and his fellow public servants to work hand in hand with the current administration.

This third Komprehensibo outing has been held in District 2 again (after Manambong Sur) due to the large area coverage of the district. The next Komprehensibong Serbisyo will be held on May 30 in Pantol, the last installment for District 2.