LYDO to Promote Modern Dancing and Singing Among Youth

The Local Youth Development Office is set to promote modern dancing among local youth as well as the creation of a glee club, as part of its mandate to develop the abilities of youth in the areas of athletics/sports, physical fitness, and other related activities.

This development was announced on May 29, 2017 by Municipal Administrator Atty. Rodelynn Rajini Sagarino after the Monday flag ceremony at the Balon Bayambang Events Center.

An overarching goal is to help the youth stay away from drugs and other vices by providing them wholesome alternative activities with which to occupy their time.

For this purpose, the back stage of the Balon Bayambang Events Center will be equipped with mirrors so the area will serve as a space for dance and singing practices.

Photo caption: Members of a local youth dance club show off their skills at their future practice venue.