Cultural Night and LGU Night 2018: Honoring Cultural and Government Workers

It was an evening filled with merriment for Local Government Unit employees as they enjoyed the first-ever LGU Night that coincided with the celebration of the annual Cultural Night on April 3. The program started off with a presentation by the members of the Bayambang Municipal Council for Culture and the Arts (BMCCA) led by its Executive Director Prof. Januario Cuchapin. The production revolved around the theme of the value of religion during fiesta celebrations, and it featured familiar faces in Bayambang including Pangasinan State University (PSU) professors Melanie Junio, Dr. Ramil Dacal and Salome Malicdem-Montemayor, Municipal Consultants Gerenerio Rosales and Gloria de Vera-Valenzuela, and Bayambang District 1 Supervisor Dr. Candra Penoliar.

The master of ceremonies, Dr. Julie Junio, stated that, “Sadyang makasaysayan ang gabing ito dahil pinagsanib ang kultura at ang gabi ng mga kawani ng gobyerno.” He added that with the leadership of Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao, the LGU is creating a new culture that is centered on growth and development.
Mayor Quiambao asked, “Inspired ba kayo sa nangyayari sa bayan ng Bayambang? Inspired ba kayo sa nangyayari sa LGU? Inspired ba kayo sa mga iba’t ibang nangyayari sa different councils?,” to all of which he got a resounding ‘yes’ from the crowd. Mayor Quiambao enumerated the current infrastructure plans for Bayambang including the new LGU Annex Building and the 9-kilometer road from Pantol to San Gabriel 2nd. He also mentioned the idea of making Bayambang the “Entertainment City of the North” with the help of the Palafox Associates led by architect Felino A. Palafox Jr.

Municipal Engineer Eddie A. Melicorio was advised to include a big dome in his future plans for the municipality because the program, which was supposed to be held at the Municipal Plaza, was instantaneously transferred to the Balon Bayambang Events Center due to heavy rain. “Sa susunod, hindi na pwedeng pigilan ng ulan ang ating mga aktibidad so kailangan natin (ng) isang malaking dome para tayo’y hindi na nadi-disappoint dahil sa ulan,” Mayor Quiambao announced.

Having been a public servant for almost seven years, Vice-Mayor Raul R. Sabangan said that it was the first time that an LGU Night took place. “Makikita po ninyo na ito po ay pagpapahalaga ng ating mahal na Mayor sa inyong mga sakripisyo,” he said.

Since it was a night of honoring LGU employees and their services, the 2018 LGU retirees were given plaques to acknowledge their efforts as public servants. Among those who were given a plaque were market inspector Viminda Castillo, and midwives Lilia Peroche and Catalina de Leon.

Outstanding Achievers in Research and Extension Services awardees Dr. Raquel Pambid, Wilma de Vera, and Veronica Austria also received recognition during the event for their contributions in their chosen field.

The group United Alliance, which is representing Bayambang in the World Supremacy dance competition, prepared a dance production that pleased the crowd. Members of the BMCCA also gave the crowd a dose of traditional Bayambangueño culture through the “Lanceros na Bayambang,” which was conceptualized by Prof. Cuchapin, the first Director of the Bayambang Municipal Council for Culture and the Arts, using an award-winning music composed by Mr. Oscar O. Ora.

According to Prof. Cuchapin, “this dance has been endorsed by the Sanggunian Bayan as the official social dance of Bayambang during big occasions like fiesta, birthday, school affairs, and other occasions. The movements and gestures in the dance depict the customs and traditions of Bayambangueños in giving honor to their guests and other VIPs who graced important occasions.” The official dance was first performed by the BMCCA members during Town Fiesta 2017 in honor of the then new Municipal Mayor, Dr. Cesar T. Quiambao, for his outstanding achievements during his first term.

“Ang kultura natin ay buhay na buhay dahil na rin sa pamumuno at sa mga gawain ng Bayambang (Municipal) Council for Culture and (the) Arts,” Hermano Mayor Levin N. Uy said. Addressing the public servants in the event, Uy stated, “Sana po inyong isapuso, ilagay sa inyong kaisipan, na lahat ng ating gawain bilang mga kawani ng gobyerno, bilang namumuno sa ating bayan, huwag na huwag niyo pong kaliligtaan na mayroon po tayong makulay at matatag na kultura bilang Bayambangueño, bilang Pangasinense.”

Before the end of the program, Mayor Quiambao and his wife Niña Jose-Quiambao happily received a Plaque of Appreciation from LGU employees and BMCCA members as a symbol of Bayambangueños’ gratefulness for their continuous exemplary service to the town and its people.