Day of the Alumni: Following Their Homing Instinct

Every time the town fiesta is around the corner, the town’s alumni follow their homing instinct and once again gather from far and wide for their respective school’s grand homecoming.

It is, needless to say, an occasion of joy, as evidenced on the faces of batch members as they greet the day with a motorcade around downtown. Many of them have not seen one another in decades and now they are all here, taking time off from their jobs to relax and recharge and join in the program, fun games, raffle draw and other gimmicks cooked up by this year’s host batches.

This year, the day for the alumni was set on April 7 on Bayambang National High School (BNHS) grounds, with Batches ’78 and ’93 being the overall in-charge. There was a “Best in Float” contest and, by 8 a.m., a mass at the BNHS Gymnasium.

At 9 a.m., a medical and dental mission at the 1st floor of the Alumni Hall catered to needy Bayambanguenos. It was sponsored by the Philippine National Police’s Special Action Forces (SAF) headed by the new Police Director Noli G. Taliño, a native son and BNHS alumnus.

Simultaneously, recreational activities called “Laro ng Lahi” were held on BNHS open grounds and kept the alumni and their kids occupied throughout the day.

At 10 a.m., a Business Forum on the 2nd floor of Alumni Hall gathered the town’s businessmen for an exchange of ideas about the town’s investment climate.

By nightfall, BNHS alumni of different batches, from the oldest to the youngest, trooped to the Public Auditorium and joined the alumni of Pangasinan State University and St. Vincent Catholic School for the much-awaited Fellowship Night. Among the guests was none other than BNHS’s most distinguished alumnus, Mayor Cezar T. Quiambao (Class ’65), and SAF Director Taliño (Class ’78).