Farm Animals Star in Search for “Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa” by Gellianna Villanueva & Aaron Gabriel Mangsat (SVCSBI)

Featuring once again the best farm animals of Bayambang, the “Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa” contest was held during the Farmers’ Week of Pista’y Baley 2023 at Pangasinan State University (PSU) grounds on March 31.


Officers from the Municipal Agriculture Office roved the municipality, weighing the participating animals from different barangays, more specifically, hens, cows, and goats.


With a cow that weighed an enormous 864.86 kg, Herminio Manangan won the largest cow category. For the largest goat category, Antonio Carino’s goat prevailed, weighing 65.78 kg. Marcelino Esteban won the prize for the largest hen category with a 4.5 kg weight.


A “Kaagapay Biosecurity Seminar” was held concurrently, disseminating a plethora of knowledge regarding the various methods for caring for animals, including pigs, hens, and cows, especially after the African swine fever season. A designated representative from UNAHCO presided over the event, which featured mini-games like Hep-hep Hooray, Erela’y Belek (Piglet Catching), and Quiz Bee to amuse the crowd. The winners received prizes like long-sleeved shirts, caps, and towels from Feedmix as well as a piglet from UNAHCO.


Edmar Bautista from District 3 was the lucky winner of Erela’y Belek, and expressed his intention to nurture and multiply the pig prize for future production.


Cash prizes of ₱5,000 each were awarded to the winners, while cash prizes of ₱2,000 each were given to the remaining competitors as consolation prize.


(Photos: Francklin Gomez, SVCSBI; Alvin Solomon, LGU-MAO)