Balon Bayambang


  • A globally competitive Smart Town with a Transparent, Accountable Leadership and Responsive Community that is Proactive in Environmental Protection and Disaster Resilience, fueled by modern agriculture, economic zones and tourism, empowered “poverty-freed citizenry”.


  • To maintain a peaceful and orderly town with modern technology and infrastructure development;
  • To promote and preserve its rich historical and cultural heritage;
  • To institute transparency, accountability and integrity in governance;
  • To empower its citizens in the areas of health, education, economics, tourism, environmental protection and disaster response.


  • The Municipality aims to improve the quality of life of the people through enhanced social and infrastructure services and facilities, increased production and economic opportunities, stable, accountable and effective political organization, a well-protected and managed natural environment, disaster resilient community and an equally active citizenry in the prioritization, formulation, implementation and monitoring of development programs and projects.


  • INSTITUTIONAL To have an effective local governance that promotes the principles of transparency and accountability
  • SOCIAL To promote health and sanitation, quality education and physical development, and a peaceful and orderly community, as well as provide housing program and ensure food security by improving the quality and delivery of social welfare services
  • ECONOMIC To pump prime the local economy through massive infrastructure development, optimize the utilization of municipal land resources, and promote tourism
  • INFRASTRUCTURE To heighten infrastructure development to improve accessibility to all functional areas and provide social facilities
  • ENVIRONMENT To enrich, protect, and preserve the natural resources of the town