LGU-Bayambang Formally Accepts ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certification

LGU-Bayambang formally accepted its hard-earned ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certification from Certification Partner Global – Philippines, at the awarding ceremony held on August 16, 2023, at the Balon Bayambang Events Center, with all LGU officials and ISO champion-employees in attendance.

In her acceptance speech, Mayor Niña Jose-Quiambao recalled the LGU’s ISO journey, which was characterized by many ups and downs, eventually culminating in the euphoria of victory on the final audit day of July 21, 2023.

She said, “I can still remember how we reiterated our desire to have an ISO certification with a formal launching, in which it was said, ‘Nothing worth having comes easy.’”

The rest of her message is as follows:

“We all knew the ISO journey would not be easy, and yet we still pressed on, because we chose to focus on our goal of attaining it.

And now that the day we had been waiting for has come, I would like to thank everyone who rose to the challenge of giving our best shot in our service, starting from my sister, the QMR herself, Ma. Carmela Atienza and of course Sir Ricky Bulalakaw, Atty. Bayani Brillante and his Legal team, and the rest of the department heads led by Atty. Raj Vidad. And of course, all of you ISO champions and the rest of our LGU employees. You must have felt some fear and anxiety, and yet you accepted the challenge anyway. By doing so, you showed true courage. …Because that is how courage is defined: “Doing something anyway despite fear.”

I know that we all have been afraid of failing. But I believe it is a far greater fear than not have taken the risk at all just because our fear of failing is greater than our fear of trying. Now we can say all our hard work and sacrifices have all been worth it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone. Thank you most especially to my husband Cezar, who before we forget is the man behind this idea. Thank you Neo-AMCA for being with us every step of the way, for your guidance, for making us believe in ourselves. Thank you, Certification Partner Global – Philippines. I feel so blessed right now to be the one accepting this Certification and making this acceptance speech in behalf of the LGU – thank God! After our hard-won journey, this is it!

Now is the time for us to ensure that we can stand by our commitment to deliver our Quality Policy, that we can honor every word in our solemn pledge, that we can keep the momentum, all for the betterment of Bayambang.

This certification will just be nothing if we cannot continuously improve the services we give. This is nothing if we are unable to continuously improve ourselves. This is nothing if we cannot fully give the Total Quality Service which has been our brand as one LGU family.

After this certification, we can now begin the actual work of making sure that we maintain our level of service to the desired standards set by ISO. After all, ISO is not about us; it is all about our constituents, our fellow Bayambangueños whom we wish to serve with the best possible kind of public service there is. Again, congratulations everyone!”

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