Citizen’s Charter

The advent of new politics in Bayambang has without a doubt renewed our people’s hope in local government. The fresh mandate gained must not be squandered, and instead, public trust must be reciprocated and sustained by all means possible. One way toward achieving this aim is through the strict implementation of an updated Citizens’ Charter, as envisioned by the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 (ARTA).

The work of bringing the often circuitous bureaucratic process to a minimum of steps sends to our people all the right signals: that local government is for them, always ready at their service, and it walks the talk by stripping away the extraneous from the essential in the course of performing its day-to-day tasks. The streamlining process mandated by ARTA and as embodied by this Charter should lead to the elimination of an environment that invites graft and corruption and ultimately should produce a satisfied, because well-served, citizenry.

All LGU employees, from the top officials down to the rank-and-file, are enjoined to abide by this Charter and make it as the guiding light of their life as public servants.

This tool is also a call on all citizens of Bayambang to arm themselves with knowledge of the Citizens’ Charter so that in every transaction they involve themselves in, they can properly claim their right to transparent and accountable local governance.

Together, through this Citizen’s Charter, let us stamp out the scourge of red tape in local government and pave the way to a modern, peaceful, and prosperous Bayambang.